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15 Powerfully Endearing Things You Should Be Saying To Your Man

133ed7f614a630c55f69c191c672fb82I’ve always felt God gave great power to a woman’s words when spoken to her man. When a woman knows how to speak to her man in a kind, loving way, his love for her and his bond with her grows stronger and stronger. Kindness draws a man to you. And once you have him in your life, kind loving reassurance keeps him falling more and more in love with you.

A woman that knows how to speak life to her man can literally, I believe, change his destiny. She can change his attitude. She can change a bad day to a good one. She can make him feel 10 feet tall when he’s feeling defeated or disrespected. A woman that knows how to speak to her man is a powerful force in his life.

I thank God for blessing me with such a woman. Here are 15 of the most endearing, powerful, life-giving things my lady says to me on a daily basis.

“I love you”
Several times a day, every time we speak

“I need you”
Every man needs to feel needed. She lets me know that I am.

“I don’t want to lose you”
Something I don’t think any other woman has ever told me.

“I miss you”
We say this to each other throughout the week

“I can’t wait to see you”
We see each other at least once a week, and every week she makes me feel like it’s our first date.

“Thinking of you”
She sends me text messages sometimes just to let me know.

“I just wanted to hear your voice”
Sometimes she’ll call in the middle of the day- often when she knows I probably won’t be able to answer- and leave me a message saying this

“I want you to be happy”
Something I tell her often. Every time I do, she let’s me know she wants the same for me. It’s important to her that I know my happiness is just as important to her as hers is to me

Whatever you want to do, I’m with you”
I talk to her about my goals and dreams for the business. She let’s me know she’s with me whatever I decided.

“You’re going to do it, I have faith in you”
When I get discouraged about my progress in the business she let’s me know she believes in me.

“You’re smart”
She often tells me this as one of the reasons she knows I’ll be successful.

“You smell so good!”
She bought me some cologne a while back. Every time I’m going to be around her I have it on. And every time, she reacts as if it’s her first time ever smelling it on me. I hope you see the connection here! I have never worn cologne as often as I do now. Even if she’s just coming over to watch tv with me I put on cologne. I’ve never done that with anyone else.

“You’re handsome”
She tells me this often in one way or another, whether it’s “hey handsome” or as a compliment when we’re going out. I’ve actually heard women say that a woman should never compliment a man. But a good woman always wants for her man the same things that make her feel good. So she makes it a point to tell me often that I’m handsome and sexy, because that’s what I do for her.

“I don’t care what we do as long as I’m with you”
One of the most endearing things you can say to a man. It tells him that the most important thing to you is just spending time with him. It lets him know that you are easy to please and that you can be happy anywhere you are as long as you’re with him. This is an extremely attractive quality to a man.

“Sweetheart, Babe, Baby”
She almost always uses terms of endearment when she’s talking to me. So much so that I think something’s wrong if she doesn’t. She just speaks in a sweet, loving way.

Now, make no mistake; I speak to my lady this way too, on a daily basis. But that’s almost expected of a good man, isn’t it? We talk about what good men and “real men” do and should do all the time. What nobody teaches is what good women do and should do. More importantly, what women who already have good men did to get him and how she’s keeping him. Here’s just one example of how a good woman keeps her man falling deeper in love with her by the day.



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