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5 Ice Creams You Should Try Until Blue Bell Agrees To Stop Killing People

If you’re a fan of Blue Bell Ice Cream this title needs no explanation. I admit I’m ridiculously loyal to the brand; to the point that if I’m not buying Blue Bell I’m probably not buying ice cream. Lucky for me though, I have siblings that get out there and try new things on a regular basis. My brother David posted this list on his Facebook profile yesterday. It’s hilarious title aside, this is a great list that this Blue Bell fanatic will be delving into. I’ll tell you already I’ve tried Talenti and it is absolutely “other-worldly”. And I know we Blue Bell fans, who happily pay upwards of $7 for a half gallon of ice cream will not balk at any price tag on this list. That said, take it away bruh!

And now: 5 ice creams you should try until Blue Bell agrees to stop killing people.

Number 5: Magnum Vanilla Bean dipped in white chocolate. Sublimely smooth and creamy if you love white chocolate.

Number 4: Haagen Dazs Vanilla Swiss Almond. The simplicity of this ice cream lets great flavor shine through. The slightly bitter chocolate coating on the almonds contrasts perfectly with the sweet vanilla ice cream. Nice crunch from the almonds.

Number 3: Talenti. Any Flavor. Talenti is actually gelato. What is gelato? “Gelato contains less air (also known as overrun) than ice cream, making the flavors much more intense. Gelato also has a higher percentage of solids (chocolate/caramel/pure cane sugar), giving it a smooth, velvety texture. It also has less fat than ice cream (since there’s less cream and more milk).”

Number 2: Ben and Jerry’s Pistachio, Pistachio. I meant to say it twice. It’s Pistachio ice cream with real, while pistachios in it. If you like pistachios, this is you dream ice cream. It’s NOT too much of a good thing.

Number 1: Steve’s Small Batch Southern Banana Pudding Ice Cream. It is what it sounds like. You won’t be a “small batch” for long if you get your hands on this stuff and get hooked.

So there you go! I think you can find all of these at Tom Thumb and Target.

Full disclosure; I haven’t had any ice cream in about two and a half weeks. But when I buy a pint I always try something new, and no cheap stuff for me! You work hard, splurge a little.
-David Cross

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