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The Gradual Extinction Of The “Real Woman”

My  wive treated me to breakfast yesterday. We’re sitting there enjoying our food when she looked out of the window and said “I’m so glad you don’t walk off and leave me baby, Look at that” she said, pointing out of the window.  I turned to see a man who … Continue reading

When Your Man Is Angry: What Every Woman Should Know

I often enjoy sitting out on our deck on chilly nights. There’s just something really serene about it. Very peaceful and quiet. I was doing just that one night, dressed in heavy clothing and drinking a hot beverage, when I suddenly thought about my father (R.I.P). I remembered one day … Continue reading

Our Honeymoon At Lakeway Resort: Everything You Need To Know

Soooo, I just got married! Yup, on July 9th, 2016 I married the love of my life, Sarah. We just got back from a wonderful honeymoon, and while we were there we posted lots of pictures and videos. All our friends knew we were in Austin so everyone was really surprised … Continue reading