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What Tony Gaskins Won’t Tell Women

…frankly it’s just much easier for Tony and the pastor and the talk show host and the pro-women fan page owner to talk to his mostly female audience about all the terrible things wrong with men. That’s a much easier road to hoe than to deal with the level of backlash they would receive if they started teaching a message that would actually help women attract the kind of men they want. Because that message would most certainly have to involve some mutual accountability, effort, respect and selflessness on the part of both parties, not just men. Continue reading

Stop Beating Your Child On Facebook!

I’ve been seeing a very disturbing trend happening on Facebook over the last couple of years. Specifically, this trend of parents posting videos of themselves spanking their children. As celebrated as these videos are by the masses, I frankly have a serious issue with them. First of all I’m not … Continue reading

Cupcake Love

One thing I’m actually enjoying about getting older is how my perceptions, thought processes and priorities are changing.  One of the places I’m finding this to be most significant is in the area of love and relationships. Recently I became aware that there are basically two kinds of love people display, … Continue reading

How a Bookshelf Taught Me A Valuable Life Lesson

I’m always looking for things I can learn from every day experiences. They’re really just for me. I only share them occasionally because someone else might just get a revelation from it too. This weekend I moved from a one bedroom apartment in a fairly updated community to a smaller … Continue reading