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Invitation To An Emotional Vacation

Man. So much is going on in the world. Recent events have all of our emotions running high. And rightfully so. We can’t live in the world without being affected by the things that happen every day. We can’t walk around with rose-colored glasses on, pretending that the trials of life don’t affect us.

But sometimes, I don’t know. I just want to take a break from it all. Just for a day. Kinda like the vacation day or the PTO day that you take to get away from the pressures of your job sometimes. As I type this it’s Thanks Giving day. And as I scroll through my timeline I do see some people offering Thanks Giving wishes. But what I see much more of is videos and comments regarding the recent events in Ferguson, among other things.

I’ve seen a couple of things I wanted to share myself, actually. I mean it’s all true. Today though…just today….it’s just not what I want to see. I kinda just want to be thankful and happy today. To feel gratitude in my spirit. To focus on family, friends, love, the lady in my life. It doesn’t really mean I’m impervious to the realities of life happening all around me. I guess on certain days, like this one, I kinda want to take an emotional vacation from anything that feels bad, makes me angry, makes me sad.

It doesn’t mean I won’t acknowledge or feel the plight of those less fortunate. But that makes me feel gratitude, not anger. Anger is what I don’t want to feel today. So for the next 24-48 hours I’m on emotional vacation from anything that doesn’t make me feel happy, thankful, grateful, love or loved.

You’re invited. Wanna go?

Happy Thanks Giving.

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2 Responses to Invitation To An Emotional Vacation

  1. Yolanda says:

    This is refreshing Ron! As a matter of fact, I’m not only going to take an emotional vacation, but I’m going to pack up the family and just ride out to Galveston. Nothing fancy…just peaceful. Thank you for this post : )

    • roncross says:

      That’s so cool Yolanda! Thank you for the comment. That sounds like a wonderful idea. I’ve been wanting to take a road trip with my girlfriend for the longest time. We hope to do one next year. Enjoy!

      Take care,

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