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Why (not) Me?

They warned us all week that we’d be seeing some severe weather on Saturday. And it showed up right on schedule. But what the weather forecasters couldn’t have predicted were the 11 tornados that hit the Dallas Ft. Worth area. Or the catastrophic loss of property, homes and even lives. … Continue reading

Two Things That Always Force You To Evaluate Your Life

There are two events we all experience that never fail to make us stop and really take a hard look at our entire life. As I write this it’s late December, and both of those events are very near to me. One of those events is the coming of a … Continue reading

Heads In The Sand: My Thoughts On The SC Classroom Incident

I have one observation to put out there guys, and this is just my opinion. I even put it in a blog post so you wouldn’t have to see it if you don’t want to.
After all, that seems to be our approach to every encounter we have with law enforcement. We simply see what we want to see and bury our heads in the sand for the rest of it. You know, the part WE played. Continue reading