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“Do Me A Favor, Stop Encouraging Me.”

…when you seek to encourage someone by telling them that other people are even worse off, it trivializes or nullifies what that person is feeling. So instead of encouraging them you’re basically telling them they’re ungrateful or somehow wrong for feeling what they’re feeling. Continue reading

Invitation To An Emotional Vacation

Man. So much is going on in the world. Recent events have all of our emotions running high. And rightfully so. We can’t live in the world without being affected by the things that happen every day. We can’t walk around with rose-colored glasses on, pretending that the trials of … Continue reading

Fight For Your Relationship, Not Your Pride

I want to start this article with an earnest prayer for you, whomever you are. That being that if you’re with someone you love whom you believe loves you, that relationship never ends. The truth is though that almost all relationships face that test at one point or another. Often more … Continue reading

15 Powerfully Endearing Things You Should Be Saying To Your Man

I’ve always felt God gave great power to a woman’s words when spoken to her man. When a woman knows how to speak to her man in a kind, loving way, his love for her and his bond with her grows stronger and stronger. Kindness draws a man to you. … Continue reading

Hearing Vs. Listening; Why Every Couple Should Know The Difference

…the article was really about training your ear to hear different harmonic parts in a song by learning to focus in on any one part of the song you’re trying to listen to. But one of my readers wrote me a letter after reading that article that blew my mind. He started out by saying “I know this article was about music, but I think you may have just saved my marriage”. Continue reading

My Review Of The Zuri Lounge In Arlington, Tx

My girlfriend and I don’t get out as much as we’d like. We’been trying to fix that here lately, and in the process looking for a couple of places we can call “our own”, so-to-speak. We had a rare opportunity where everything lined up with our schedules (and my money, … Continue reading