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Prayers Wasted: Two Things I Never Pray For

This is going to seem like such a negative doom-and-gloom thing to say, but I don’t spend time praying for things to get better as it pertains to the world and all the hatred and racism that’s growing every day. And I think it’s a waste of time for any of us to do so, really.
Because no matter how much you pray and fight and protest you can’t change prophecy. It was all foretold. So while we all exist and partake in this world in a very human way and thus are affected by it as any other human is, there are definitely more productive ways to spend our time and our efforts as it pertains to our prayers and what we choose to fight for.
I’d say I was done praying for a world without racism if that was a prayer I ever prayed before. I never have, because it’s not going to happen. I say that not because I’m a pessimist but because I’m a believer.
So having come to terms with that reality a long time ago, spending my entire life as an angry, bitter militant “social activist” seems to me a sad way to spend my days.
That doesn’t mean I think it’s pointless to pray, or to fight, or to protest for that matter. Nor do I believe we should simply lay down and take everything that happens in this world.
But a world without racism, hatred and war won’t happen. At least not in THIS world.
So instead what I pray for now is health, prosperity and happiness for everyone I know and love. For strength to endure the times of today and the times that are to come.
For wisdom to recognize the tricks of the enemy so that we are not so easily led astray. I pray that we start to QUESTION things more often before blindly believing and following.
I pray that our relationships and marriages remain strong and viable and that we are a united front against the world rather than a divided front against each other.
I pray that whatever your definition of a happy life is, you have the chance to realize and experience that before we die.
I pray for the many who are dealing with so many things that don’t ever touch most of us in any real way. Those less fortunate, those living without the basic necessities we toss in the trash can every day.
We all need purpose in our lives. Something to believe in, to fight for. So while I respect the right and even the NEED of some people to constantly fight for the end of racism and a world of utopia for all, I see that as a losing battle, unfortunately.
I understand how that makes me appear to be “blind” or “asleep” to those who have chosen to dedicate their entire existence to being angry militant fighters of racism (while also being some of the biggest perpetrators of it).
But I think I and other believers like me might just be the most aware of all. Because to pray and fight for something that has been existence for thousands of years and has already been prophesied will not only continue to exist but will get WORSE  is to fight and pray for prophecy to change. And I’ve yet to see anyone win that one.
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