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The Gradual Extinction Of The “Real Woman”

My  wive treated me to breakfast yesterday. We’re sitting there enjoying our food when she looked out of the window and said “I’m so glad you don’t walk off and leave me baby, Look at that” she said, pointing out of the window.  I turned to see a man who … Continue reading

Hearing Vs. Listening; Why Every Couple Should Know The Difference

…the article was really about training your ear to hear different harmonic parts in a song by learning to focus in on any one part of the song you’re trying to listen to. But one of my readers wrote me a letter after reading that article that blew my mind. He started out by saying “I know this article was about music, but I think you may have just saved my marriage”. Continue reading

If You Want A Man With Goals You Can’t Be A Dream Killer

I really pride myself in being a man who is sensitive to the needs and desires of his woman. I try to support the things that are important to her, and I NEVER want to be the one in her life that is clipping her wings when she’s trying to fly. The sad truth though, is that many people- men and women alike- do just that with the people they love. Continue reading

What Tony Gaskins Won’t Tell Women

…frankly it’s just much easier for Tony and the pastor and the talk show host and the pro-women fan page owner to talk to his mostly female audience about all the terrible things wrong with men. That’s a much easier road to hoe than to deal with the level of backlash they would receive if they started teaching a message that would actually help women attract the kind of men they want. Because that message would most certainly have to involve some mutual accountability, effort, respect and selflessness on the part of both parties, not just men. Continue reading