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The Pursuit Of A Balanced Life

You can see it in my tagline when you visit my blog: “One Man’s Pursuit Of A Successful, Balanced Life.” The older I get the more aware I am of what I’m “feeding” myself- mentally, spiritually and emotionally.

In the last couple of weeks or so there has been so much going on in the news regarding the police, race, unfair outcomes and the devaluation of Black lives. It’s all absolutely true and the attention it is getting is both valid and necessary.

But as I was scrolling through my feed one day, looking at post after post, video after video of bad, racially charged encounters between police and citizens- most of which were Black, I started to realize that something was changing in my own spirit.

I was starting to build a disdain; a hatred almost, for white police officers. I was starting to think about race and a lot more. It was even starting to spill out into some of my comments. All of this stuff affects me deeply and personally and it all absolutely needs all the attention it’s getting.  But after a few days I found myself growing tired of seeing it. I also started to realize that it was affecting my thoughts and feelings. My “diet” was off. I was getting too much of one thing, and it was changing me for the worse.

That’s the thing about life though. Too much of any one thing is bad for you.  You can’t allow yourself an emotional diet of all negative images and news. It will give you a distorted view of the world, your life, other people, pretty-much everything. But at the same time you can’t disconnect yourself from all reality and only allow yourself to see good. Rose-colored glasses are only a good thing when they’re on Elton John.

A “balanced diet” is important in every aspect of life though. Heck, even the spiritual among us run the risk of being so deeply spiritual they are unrelatable to every day people, including people who love us. They do much more to repel people from God than they do to attract them. But then there are those believers for which there is apparently NOTHING sacred or off-limits. Even working out and eating right has to be tempered with days where you cheat and don’t work out.  People who attend church so much that there’s no room for their own families. Then people who have no moral or spiritual compass whatsoever.

I can’t think of a single area of my life that doesn’t have some kind of scale that needs to maintain some sense of balance between one extreme and the other. And it’s something I’m always working on. But one place I’ve decided to make an immediate change effective right now, is Facebook.
I have decided that the negative stuff is covered. There is no need for any more people to post any more negative videos of police encounters.

Don’t get me wrong, the people who are doing so are needed, and shouldn’t stop. I just don’t feel the need to add any more to the equation. It’s already a bit out of balance for me personally. What I do see a need for though, is more positive posts. Maybe some GOOD stories about police officers doing good deeds or being there when we need them. Good positive black men. Young black men and women who AREN’T fighting each other.

We all know there are many good officers out there. Right now though all we see is the bad ones. Kinda reminds you of another segment of the population that is always shown in a negative light, doesn’t it? Right. I mean many of these videos I’ve been seeing are years old, man. It’s real, and it needs to be seen for the benefit of people who still believe it doesn’t exist. But if that’s all we see then it’s a bad thing for all of us.

I posted on my fan page today that I’m starting a new movement. Inspired by my brother I’ve decided I’m not posting or commenting on any more negative content. Everything I post from now on will be funny, enlightening, uplifting, useful or something else. As long as it emotes some other emotion besides anger, sadness, bigotry or malice toward others.

A cousin of mine told me recently that whenever he wants to laugh he comes to my profile. I wasn’t prepared for how good that made me feel, but I’ve decided that’s a feeling I want to experience a lot more often. I told my followers that we were going to start a new movement called the “Positive Posts Project”, with it’s own hashtag: #ppp .

Of course I wasn’t serious about starting any real movement, but I’m definitely serious about my quest for a successful, balanced life. And the only way to have a balanced life is to make sure you’re feeding yourself a balanced diet; emotionally, spiritually and mentally. Changing the way I post and engage with on FB is just one small step in the right direction. #ppp!

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