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The Simple Science Of Making Progress (aka how to guarantee your own failure)

I’ve been working on my on-line business for a few years now guys. And more often than I’d like to, I get discouraged about the progress I’m making. Or the perceived lack thereof. But then I realize that’s what the enemy does. He’s always in our ear, especially when we’re trying to do anything positive. Anything that changes our situation for the better. Improves our lives, thereby giving us the ability to at least on some level improve the lives of others (that’s the reason God gave us the ability to get wealth, isn’t it?). And most certainly anything that involves Kingdom building.

I’ve even entertained the thought several times before that maybe I’m just not cut out for my own business. And that’s not even something I believe in, because I think God created within all of us the ability to earn a living from the skills, knowledge and gifts He gave us. Nobody punched a clock in the Bible. Everyone was self-employed, earning their wages from their skills and trades. Except of course one group, who did work for a boss. They were called slaves. So where on earth would a thought like that come from, and why would I be thinking it? Certainly not God.

So I just keep going. Even if I go for days without doing anything (and I often do, unfortunately), I refuse to ever just quit completely. But I also refuse to waste any more time just guessing about stuff. So I read, and learn, and buy training, and implement what I’ve learned. If it doesn’t work I go learn about how to improve it, and then try that. And so on and so on.

So, four years into this thing and I’m starting to really understand that even if you’re moving at a snail’s pace, you’re still moving 100% faster than if you weren’t doing ANYTHING towards your goal; WHATEVER it may be.

And because no matter what thoughts creep in I continue to just keep moving, I’m starting to see things come together. Sales are starting to come in on auto-pilot, while I’m on my day job. Or asleep. And not just from friends. From people all over the country. People in OTHER countries, even. That used to happen just occasionally. Now it’s starting to happen on some level almost weekly. The fan page is on blaze, generating more traffic to my website than any other source. The mailing list has passed 1100. It’s all coming together, y’all. It’s working. I’m not rolling in the dough yet, but it’s working.

And most things WILL work, if we work it. God isn’t blessing our efforts because many of us simply aren’t making one. He can only bless what we DO. Scriptures are full of instances that state very simple, “if you do this, then I’ll do this”. But the same God also strongly advocates doing things with some kind of planning. Studying. Counting up the costs.

So right now, I just felt compelled to say keep going, fam. Just keep going. Slow progress is still progress. Even if you fall, you’ll fall forward. And that places you at least a few feet further down the road than you were before. Only now, with more wisdom than you had before you stumbled. You only fail if you stop. Or worse yet, never start to begin with. As long as you’re still moving, failures are just valuable learning experiences that will teach you what to change next time. But there has to be a next time.

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