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What A Thunder Storm Taught Me About Trials

We’ve had lots of storms moving through our area in the last couple of days. I was caught in a bad one Friday. One of the worst I can remember actually driving in. Eventually high winds and visibility got so bad I had to pull over.

I pulled into a gas station to seek shelter. In a few minutes the rain became lighter and the winds started to die down. I could literally see the skies darken on the right side of my car as they began clearing on the left side of my car. The storm was passing over.

I couldn’t help but think about the fact that just a few minutes earlier I was really worried. It was all around me. It was all I could see. It seemed like it would never end.

But under the shelter of the gas station awning I gained a different perspective. It was definitely a different view from here. As I sat there and literally watched it pass by the front of my car I began to realize that it was a really fast-moving storm that wouldn’t last long.

Two days later another storm moved through my area. I suppose having just been in a major storm gave me a greater perspective than before. Here comes another storm, I thought to myself. But it’ll pass. It won’t last long.

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