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What Shaving My Head Taught Me About Relationships

I often find myself thinking about a given subject without provocation, out
of the blue. And, as I often do, I immediately start looking for examples in
my own life that I can relate that subject to. I figure that must be the reason it
I’m thinking about it out of nowhere.

Such was the case when one day, in the middle of doing some mundane task
that I hadn’t done in a while, I started to think about the task itself. Now
that I think about it, I believe I was shaving my head.

It was 5:00 in the morning and I was beginning to get just slightly irritated
because it was simply taking me too long to get it done. I wouldn’t have time to
make myself some coffee or anything else. Dang.

But then I started thinking about why it took so long in the first place.
Simply put, it took so long because I hadn’t done it in a couple of days.
Any brother wearing a bald head will tell you that if you want it to look
decent you have to shave it every day. But dang, I don’t feel like shaving
it every day, you know? Sometimes you just want to skip it and go straight
to the coffee. It’ll save me some time if I don’t do it every day, right?

But then that’s when the irony of it all dawned on me. The very thing I had
done to save time was the very thing that was costing me so much time now.
It didn’t take me long to realize that if I shaved my head every day it
would take a fraction of the time it takes if I skip a couple of days.

But then as I started thinking about it, I realized that not only does not
maintaining it daily cost me more time, but there are other consequences.

See, when shave my head every day it looks great. My scalp is smooth,
clean and healthy looking. And shaving it takes me about 5 minutes instead
of a half hour.

By contrast, when I neglect the shaving duties I begin to get stubble..which
of course curls inward as it grows, causing bumps all over my head. Then
when it’s time to shave it takes me 5 times as long because I have to
negotiate all the extra hair and bumpy skin.

So thinking about this got me to thinking of all the other areas in my life
this same premise holds true. Like mowing my lawn for instance. Put it off
until it grows high and looks awful, then it takes me an hour and a half.
When I started mowing it once a week it always looked healthy and manicured,
and I finished it in half the time.

I’ll spare you a long list of such things, but I’d be willing to bet you
could make your own quite easily. How long then, would it take you to begin
to apply this premise to relationships? It sure didn’t take me long. I
pondered how many little things I could do on a regular basis instead of
just once in a while (like the next big holiday for instance).

And I imagined how much healthier and stronger and more beautiful the
relationship would be if I did. How much easier it would be to do those
things if I did them regularly? Naturally we’re all thinking about a certain
type of relationship right now. But I would imagine this works pretty well
in all kinds of relationships.

For example I have a tendency to put off reading my bible. Often to save
time and spend it elsewhere. As a result, my relationship with God suffers.
And of course when I do sit down to do it, it’s more difficult. Not as
smooth. I struggle to stay focused. It feels slow and uninteresting. And it
feels like a LOT to read. Nothing at all like when I did it every day.

I originally titled this blog “Daily Maintenance”.Of course there are many
things that don’t need to be done every day, like mowing the lawn.

But there are many, many small things that, if done on a
daily basis, would make many relationships of all kinds beautiful, healthy and
smooth…just like my head when I shave it every day (lol). The real point
I’m driving at I suppose, is that almost any positive thing practiced on a
regular basis faithfully, will yield much better results and be much easier
to do.

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