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Why I May Not Vote This Year (You Can Save Your “Ancestors Died” Speech)

I’m at the age now where I don’t think I “have” to vote if I don’t want to. And I don’t really care how anyone feels about it if I don’t. That’s a new thing that happened this year actually.
I had a revelation of sorts about that whole guilt trip people lay on you about how you should always vote because people fought and died for the right to vote.
But that’s the thing. People fought for the RIGHT to vote, not to make it MANDATORY to vote. So when I earned the right to vote I also earned the right not to if I don’t like anyone running. See, the whole “your vote is too precious to waste” argument becomes null and void to me if you’re willing to cast your vote for someone you don’t trust or even like, just to say you voted.

If I don’t like a single candidate then in my opinion just casting a vote for the “lesser of two evils” or just to say I did it is the real waste of a precious right. However, if I do cast a vote this year I won’t be casting it based solely on the fact that the candidate is a democrat and blacks are always to vote democratic.

We’ve become so “auto-pilot” in our mentality towards voting Democratic that we really don’t seem to care who it is or what they’ve done as long as it’s a Democrat. But most people don’t realize that until up to about 100 years ago most Blacks were Republicans. Blacks started leaving the Republican party during the Depression when Franklin D Roosevelt came along with The New Deal in his second term. 1

But imagine if Blacks then were of the mindset we are today, where we won’t even consider a candidate unless they’re a Democrat. But it gets worse. Some of the reasons we choose to support or not support a candidate with that precious vote that people died for are really kind of stupid if we’re being honest. Many people are throwing their support behind Hillary because she’s Bill’s wife, and we liked him. But thousands of others will vote for Hillary because she’s a woman and “a woman deserves a turn”.

But this isn’t some little league baseball game where every kid gets a chance at bat whether they deserve it or not.  And I don’t think votes that are cast on such trivial reasoning are anything to brag about. I think between the two, if you cast your vote based on that reasoning and I decide not to vote at all because I don’t see a candidate I feel is worthy of my vote, then I’m the one who has shown the most reverence for the struggles of our ancestors for our right to vote.

And to be honest- especially when it comes to the presidential election- how much your vote really counts is debatable. If you don’t believe that youtube “does my vote really count”, or “how does the electoral college work” and spend a little time learning who REALLY decides who the nominee is.

So if I vote at all anymore it will be for someone whom I feel is worthy of that vote, regardless of the party they’re affiliated with, they’re gender, their race or they’re religion. If no such person exists I’ll chose to make my voice heard by NOT voting.  And if you decide to cast your vote for Hillary because she’s a woman, or NOT vote for Bernie because he’s a Jew, or to vote for Trump because he says whatever comes to mind, etc, then you can really miss me with your speech if I decide not to waste mine.

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One Response to Why I May Not Vote This Year (You Can Save Your “Ancestors Died” Speech)

  1. T.A. says:

    This is the first time I’ve seen sentiments regarding the voting choice discussion that match my own. I know this post is several months old, but I must thank you for making sense and having an independent mind!

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